The story of science

images-2The journey of science tells all about the thrilling story of how it became what we know it today, The word ‘science’ originates from Latin word ‘scientia’ that refers to ‘knowledge’.as the science we came across in our daily life is not just a collection of bits of knowledge. In other words it is a systematic way of building up,organizing and handling knowledge in the form of explainable predictions.

There was a time when men used to assume that Earth is the centre of universe,and sun rotates around earth, But science has taught us more than what we used to know for thousands of years in a comparative less time,similarly  when man became curious on things around him,it ignited the great enquiries of science,centuries ago it was more important for human to understand about natural phenomenon that affected the human life in a great manner,like cycles of moon,star twinkling,seasons change,why the sun rises and why it gets dark, gr7eb03-gd-0016

but the thing is human never really discovered these facts because these were present even before the human existence ‘we’ have only simplified them into our understanding.

the greatest minds of that time arranged all the known facts into correct manner and came out with principles & methods of scientific thinking.

And it was the beginning of ‘modern science’ but it did not  explained the different part of science like-physics,chemistry,biology and geology at once,there were different phases in time which were more based on these sections,

 firstly human were more inclined to biology or natural resources  and were well informed of natural cures and it lasts for very long,then we discover the importance of ‘tools’ & ‘weapons’ and it made physics its way to changed the method of survival, and afterwards we are still trying to explore all the methods derived from science,

so the point is we are in a continuous journey of science which keeps changing.


Universe and us!

All the living creatures on this planet are made up of Billions of cells that were once a part of a living star in an unknown galaxy, millions of years ago when it died and changed into supernova a…

Source: Universe and us!

Universe and us!

All the living creatures on this planet are made up of Billions of cells that were once a part of a living star in an unknown galaxy, millions of years ago when it died and changed into supernova and spread its ingredients into space, it took billions of year for a single cell organism to occur in the seas of earth long before humans were born,,

“we” the “Humans” contain a whole universe inside us,,

the science today

humans are seeking new life forms into deep space,, Is like universe is trying to explore itself,,because humans are also a part of this universe,,

the science today

“Education” really educating us?

“who” are you ? Or should I ask “what” are you? An engineer, a doctor,a lawyer, any, I’m telling this because many of us are under 35 in India, & desperate to get a job and become find_jobtax payer and contribute in emerging India,

  there are numbers of jobs for a person to survive or even earn more than sufficient,A large number of population is heading to cities for livelihood,  in this scenario all of us just sees the increasing crowd & declination of moral values or enthalpy toward another human, but the question appears “why”  do I care?

you may be a successful CEO, an expert engineer, a well-known doctor,a famous  musician/singer/writer, or just the guy who completed his studies and on the hunt for his dream job with a good salary,

In all this journey many of us don’t realize “why” I started all this,

  • To earn money,
  • A lavish life,
  • Achieve something important,
  •  life’s aim,

In achieving all this or other things we forget who we were when all this started
this started on the first day of school,where we were supposed be ahead of all our classmates and it was applied to all the students in the class, some got 70%, some 80%, and some most fortunate are beyond 90% and close to make century in their standards,

after completing school, it’s another sprint starts which is “HOW TO GET A GOOD COLLEGE” but this require higher rank in entrance exams like JEE MAIN,ADVANCE,AIIMS,JIPER,NDA etc.

this prepration period for any individual is very crucial, because of family expectation,and money invested in this “which” is a big factor.

after a year or two of hard work and sore eyes we finally get into college of our desire or for some “its no option” and the journey goes on,,

BUT after all this “WHAT” we get or achieve, bunch of degrees,pieces of papers stating our ability which is registered somewhere,,

all I want to say is that during all our journey till getting job changes the person from somewhere inside,and we start to care only ourselves,at some point we behaved like illiterate to a person who never had a chance to collect DEGREES, & CERTIFICATES like we did,, but still we are highly educated.

  but what is difference between education & Siksha,,

 “Education” what we acquire,, “siksha” is what we “perceive”