India Now At High Speed Track


The Bullet train is also known as The Shrinkage (new trunk line) that is part of Diamond Quadrilateral of High-Speed Rail Network.diamond-quadilateral-project

As today we started our day with the regular traffic on roads, at Ahmedabad Two World leader PM Shri Narendra Modi and PM Shri Shinzo Abe inaugurated India’s First High-speed railway track which will connect the Financial capital of the country to Ahmedabad with a very less time compared to other ways of transport.
May 2014 the project was approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting with the chairman of the High-Speed Rail Corporation (HSRC) of India that was his dream project since he was serving as the chief minister of Gujarat.

Some views shared on social media that points at the need for expensive technology in a country where regular Trains are derailing and not working at their maximum efficiency and poverty are a significant issue. Which is true and should not neglect, But we need to understand and adopt new ways to fight with them. With the High-Speed Train technology, there will be more advanced technology where less Human-error involved, by utilizing new technology. It will also affect the existing Railway system which will improve safety and standard of Indian Train, and It is world known that when a Major project proposed a large number of employees has also generated approximately 20,000 jobs directly and more indirectly. That will make life right for young Indians & a higher lifestyle with more purchasing capacity and eventually it will positively increase Indian GDP.

India and Japan signed a MoU, to undertake a joint feasibility study of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route in New Delhi in September 2013 This was a Joint Statement between the Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh and the Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe on 29 May 2013. Which outcome that the two sides would co-finance a joint feasibility study of the route that will connect two cities.
The study was scheduled to complete within 18 months from its commencement, i.e., it would end by July 2015 but due to political change in center Government and slow process of previous administration in Centre but the day Shri Narendra Modi took charge he appointed officials to clear clogs and accelerate the process.

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the SNCF carried out studies based on the previous experience of Japanese agencies,
JICA’s report recommended constructing 2.2% on bridges, 5.8% underground, 28.3% on stilts, 63.3% of the route slightly above the ground. Minister of State for Railways Rajen Gohain informed Indian Parliament on 15 March 2017 that according to the new plan the entire corridor would be elevated except for the tracks that were proposed to built underground.

Most of the corridor will be elevated, except for a 21 km underground tunnel between Thane and Virar, of which 7 km will be undersea. The undersea tunnel was chosen to avoid damaging the thick vegetation present in the area with this it becomes more eco-bullet-train-routes

Friendly whereas the entire operation will be electricity based on which Solar Energy will play a significant role. One of benefit with High-Speed train system is to reduce and minimize the CO2 emission directly or indirectly, as the commuters will choose the high-speed train system as compared with the Road transport which will result from less consumption of time and money. But the time required to travel from one place to another is even less compared to Air transport. When all the time calculated From reaching the airport from densely populated city To arriving at the airport before flight The system will be designed to operate trains at a max speed of 350 kilometers per hour (220 mph), while operational rate would be 320 kilometers per hour (200 mph). When traveling at 350 kilometers per hour (220 mph) a train will be able to move end-to-end on the 508 kilometers (316 mi) line in 2 hours and 8 minutes. Currently, a train journey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad takes 7 hours; The corridor will begin at the underground station in the Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai and then traverse 21 km underground before emerging above ground at Thane.
Construction work on the corridor will start by the end of 2018 and is estimated to be completed by August 2022

The project is expected to cost Rs 1.08 lakh crore (US$17 billion).The cost includes interest in construction and import duties.JICA agreed to fund 81% of the total project cost 79,087 crores (US$12 billion), through a 50-year loan at an interest rate of 0.1% and a moratorium on repayments up to 15 years. Indian Railways will invest 9,800 crores (US$1.5 billion) in the high-speed rail project
the remaining cost will bear by the state governments of Maharashtra, and Japan will supply Gujarat 20% of the components used in the corridor this was a request from Japanese and remaining manufactured in India.

This was a surprise for the world as Japan agreed to loan the amount at just 0.1% rate as compared with the Chinese poured their money in Pakistan under CPEC with a sky touching interest of 17% its called ‘Chinese debt trap.’

Each train will have a passenger capacity between 1,300 and 1,600 passengers. Trains are proposed to have length of between 10 and 16 coaches; Trains will have business and standard sections with 2×2 and 2×3 seating configuration respectively,

A First-Class AC ticket from Mumbai to Ahmedabad costs Rs. 2,000, which would make the cost of a high-speed rail ticket 3,000. Fares are proposed to be 1.5 times that of a First-Class AC ticket on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Duronto Express.
Most of the line will be constructed on an elevated corridor to avoid land acquisitions and the need to build underpasses. It will also enhance safety by eliminating the need for level crossings. The decision to construct an elevated line raised the cost of the project by an additional 10,000 crore (US$1.6 billion).

Shinkansen ( Bullet Train ) uses a 25kV AC overhead power supply (20 kV AC on Mini-shinkansen lines), to overcome the limitations of the 1,500 V direct current used on the existing electrified narrow-gauge system.

These trains are electric multiple units that mean each coach will work as an individual train that will be offering fast acceleration, deceleration and reduced damage to the track because of lighter vehicles compared to locomotives or power cars. The coaches are also air-sealed to ensure stable air pressure when entering tunnels at high-speed that will reduce the blast sound-wave when coming out at higher speed from a tube.

We wish this project completes within the time limit frame so everyone could experience the world-class Bullet Train, and India become one of few countries having this technology.



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Electric Kick Scooter

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Electric mopeds in the…

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Features of a good GPS tracker for cars 

The best tracking devices for cars enable you to locate your vehicle from your personal computer or over the cellular network. They provide real-time…

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Save the date cards can make wedding planning more organised. The recipients will appreciate this gesture…

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Fact#1 – the requirement

Any construction or excavation project will always have the potential to damage the property nearby. This kind of damage might affect and cover nearby buildings, structures, paving, kerbs, gutters, service…

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Quality of tanks and their lining

The quality of the water tanks needs to be the best. Choose a product where the tanks are checked for integrity to ensure that they are safe and stable throughout the usage cycle. The inner lining of the tanks is another crucial aspect that needs to be checked. Hot water, tends to…

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You need to know this,

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Despite the frequent emergence of new and innovative development platforms in the tech world, Java continues to rule the realm with the powerful and highly versatile capabilities that it offers to tech experts. However, irrespective of how powerful Java might be for developing complex applications, a successful project outcome largely depends on the skills and knowledge of the developer handling the task. So, to help you get the most from your project and to minimize pitfalls along the way, here are the top tips that you should bear in mind when approaching a Java application development company:

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